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From: (Dan Kerl)
Subject: dehumidifier water for brewing...
Date: 1992-06-01 14:15:33 GMT

As I understand it, condensation water from refrigeration equipment
(particularly air conditioning equipment) has been identified as the habitat
of the pathogen responsible for causing "Legionaire's Disease". I suspect
that a prolonged boil would wipe this out. Another thing that I've noticed
about condenation water is the funky "plastic-like" odor it carries, probably
resulting from all the airborne junk that gets sucked-in to the appliance
along with the moisture-laden air. A decent activated-charcoal water filter
might extract this. All in all, condensate could be a good source of soft
water, if it can be cleaned-up. After all, you could always say "It's in
the water.." ;-)
Dan Kerl

(break to fast-paced '60-style action music with bongos...)
"See that big old bear over there, lappin' up all that good ol' country
water? Why, they say he can drink 30 gallons of water a day. Sure makes a
big hairy guy like me thirsty, which is why I like to wrap my lips around an
ice-cold edible bottle of good ol' country Bear Whiz Beer. As my daddy told
me, 'son, it's in the water - that's why it's yellow!' Bear Whiz Beer!"
(Bear Whiz Brewery St. Louis Mo)

-- Proctor, Bergman, Ossman & Austin
a.k.a. the Firesign Theater

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