From the HBD Archive
From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: beer warmer
Date: 1992-06-02 13:20:25 GMT

Some people use the "wet t-shirt and pan of water" method to keep their
carboy cool in the summer heat. I have just the opposite problem; my
brewroom stays at 60 degF in the summer (in the winter it's heated). Wyeast
1056 (Chico Ale) just doesn't seem to like it that cold; it was *very* slow
to start, and not making any krausen at all. Not wanting to move 6.5 gallons
of beer to a warmer spot, I instead filled 6 gallon-jars with hot tap water,
and surrounded the carboy with them. This morning the little carboy closet
is 68 degF, and there's a nice krausen. I suppose it might also work the
opposite way with ice-water in the jars.


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