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From: ahoma! (Don Scheidt)
Subject: Re: mecca
Date: 1992-06-02 15:23:59 GMT

in HOMEBREW Digest #892, Mon 01 June 1992:
>Date: Fri, 29 May 92 10:31:58 EDT
>From: (Davis McPherson)
>Subject: pilgrimage to mecca
> i will be travelling to Seattle in early june for a week of RnR
> and hanging out in beer joints. if some you northwest USA type
> of guys could email your favorite joints (bars or micro-brewies)
> i will raise my glass and toast you all while i'm there.

mecca!? Hey, that's in Franconia (Germany), with the cities of Bamberg
and Forchheim as the main axis! Or maybe the Rheinland, with Duesseldorf
and Koeln as the axis ... ;-)

Well, I live in Seattle - Maritime Pacific is a bit over a mile and a half
from my house, and Red Hook is two and a half miles down the road. Really,
Jackson's _Pocket Guide to Beer_ is a reasonably reliable guide, but for
maximum pubbing in a small area, check out the Fremont district, home of
the Red Door, the Dubliner, the Triangle Pub, and Red Hook's Trolleyman Pub.

The Red Door has the best selection, but is also filled to the rafters with
what we used to call yuppies. The food is quite good, and the place is
impossible to get into or be heard in (I've nicknamed it the Loud Door) on
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. All local breweries are well-rep-
resented, and there are also a couple of imports on draught; Fullers ESB is
usually among them. The Dubliner - formerly Poor Richard's - is right next
to the Red Door, not quite as upscale, but it serves as a sort of spillover
pub for those seeking a less-crowded room. Live music has been a part of
this venue in the past. Red Hook and Full Sail are available, among others.
The Triangle - so named for the shape of the room - is a recent remodel of
a dive, and the improvement is substantial. Eight beers on tap, including
Full Sail, Red Hook ESB, Maritime Pacific Dark, Pyramid Wheaten, Widmer
Hefeweizen, and Guinness Stout. And then there's the Trolleyman, the pub
located in the Red Hook Brewery complex, in a building that used to house
streetcars (when Seattle had 'em). Strictly Red Hook products on tap, no-
smoking room, and quite popular at weekends. In short, Fremont, starting
at North 34th Street and Fremont Avenue North, can be the site of a worth-
while pub crawl, with four pubs in walking distance of each other.

There are other pubs scattered around town, including my favourite brewpub,
the Big Time, located on University Way N.E. Wonderful, full-flavoured
ales are brewed here. Farther afield, there's the Maple Leaf Grill - pub
atmosphere, restaurant-quality food, and Thomas Kemper's Hefeweizen among
the dozen taps, the best hefeweizen made in the N.W. (IMHO). Find this one
up on Roosevelt Ave. N.E. at 89th. Also good is the 74th Street Ale House,
at Greenwood Ave. N. and N. 74th. Or the Latona, at Latona Ave. N. and N.
65th Street, although I don't usually care for the music in the evenings.
And then there are two old standbys - Murphy's on 45th, in new, larger
premises, and Cooper's, on Lake City Way. All of these pubs will satisfy
your desire for N.W. ales and ambiance.

This is a sampling of what's available - I've mentioned mostly neighbourhood
pubs, rather than more upscale places downtown.

E-mail me if you need more info, or if you need help finding one of the
pubs - or if you need help in emptying a pitcher :-).
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