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From: Jon Binkley <binkley@beagle.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: re: mineral content in g/l(?)
Date: 1992-06-03 03:21:45 GMT

In HBD #893, John Fitzgerald <johnf@ccgate.SanDiegoCA.NCR.COM> wrote:

>I've got a quick question for all of you Chem-types that might be reading,
>or anybody else that knows, of course! I've received a water analysis
>from my local district office, but all of the concentrations are in g/l.
>Can anybody tell me how to convert this to ppm? ppm seems to be the
>standard way that Zymurgy, and TNCJoHB describe water contents, but I
>couldn't find any conversion formulas.

Are you sure it was in g/L and not mg/L? mg/L is equivalent to ppm.

Anyway, if it was in g/L that's equivalent to parts per thousand.
Multiply by 1000 to get parts per million:

X g/L * 1000 mg/g = 1000X mg/L = 1000X ppm

Jon Binkley

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