From the HBD Archive
From: (Rob Bradley)
Subject: Wyeast Belgian revisited
Date: 1992-06-03 17:34:42 GMT

In hbd 894, Al writes:

> It appears that too many Wyeast users blame the yeast for infections
> rather than their sanitation techniques.

It also appears that too many Wyeast defenders blame the sanitation
techniques of users rather than the yeast :-)

I'm (slightly) miffed that Tom would blame my procedures, sight
unseen, for my problems. Nobody can be assured of perfect sanitation
every time but, as I made abundantly clear in my posting, I used
a tried-and-true combination of recipe and technique which, I believe,
gave me a pretty good basis for comparison. Meanwhile, Tom actually
put his finger on the real problems (slowness of the yeast, high
temperature) later in his own post, making this ad hominem all the
more unfair.

For the record:

1 - Last night (day 29), the fermentation appeared to be finsihed,
the gravity still read 1.010 (no perceptible change in 4 days)
and the estery quality seemed to have significantly subsided.
I plan to bottle tonight (if I can get it done before the game).

2 - I've heard from other users of Wyeast Belgian who agree that
the stuff takes a long time to ferment out (you're one of them,
Al!) and that it sometimes takes bottle aging to get over
an initial roughness.

3 - 70 degrees was a ballpark, and for most of the period, it was
probably in the mid-high 60s. As Al points out, that's too
hot for this strain of yeast.

My patience (and lack of worry), seems to be paying off. I've revised
my opinion of Wyeast Belgian upwards and had intended to tell the HBD
as much. I think HBD readers who might someday want to try this yeast
deserve to know that

(1) the yeast is slow and
(2) the yeast might not be happy if you don't have a cellar.



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