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Subject: cooler for lauter
Date: 1992-06-03 19:53:39 GMT

Nick Zentena sez:

>I just finished making a new lauter-tun
>based on a picnic cooler. Does anybody have
>any hints on using this versus my old
>zap-zap unit?

>Also whats the best way to clean the pipe.

I have some hints:

When you get ready to sparge, pour into the cooler your equivalent
amount of sparge water at boiling temperature. Add the mash which will
be at about 150 F, and stir. The resulting mixture will be reduced in
temperature to about 170-180 F. Hot Dog! No fiddling with mash-out!

Leave the mixture with the cooler lid on for about half an hour.
Perhaps longer. Then re-circulate about a gallon of the water. It
should be very clean. Go ahead and run off the wort as fast as you
want to. Be bold! If it slows up, take a kabob skewer and poke the
filter bed, or drag across the surface to break up the fine sludge
on the top of the filter bed. After all, this is what the big guys do.

Start heating the wort as soon as you have 2 gallons or so. Use a second
kettle to catch the remaining runoff. Don't bother with sprinkling
sparge water over the bed after it's all run off. If you are worried
about the loss of a few sg points, simply add another half pound of
grain next time.

The best way to clean the pipe is to disassemble it if it's made of
1/2" fittings and rinse it with cold water. If you do this right away
without letting the gunk dry on it, you can get it very clean.

Enjoy the rewards of easier all-grain!


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