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Subject: Wort Chillers
Date: 1992-06-04 02:54:00 GMT

Some practical questions about using immersion-type wort chillers:

1. How does one go about cleaning a wort chiller? When I say clean
I mean making sure that any solid or liquid foreign matter are removed
from the inside of the coils? Initially, I am concerned because I have
new equipment (1/2" copper coils and hose) and want to get rid of any
possible mnufacturing debris or oil present.
Would you really want to use detergent
(for the same reasons as not using detergent for beer glasses)? If
not, what?

2. As far as cleaning on an ongoing basis, would you just do the same
thing as recommended for 1) or a reduced instruction set.

There is no thrill greated than making beer from new equipment and drinking it.
I almost underwent a full collapse of both lungs standing in my basement
and sucking through 15feet of vinyl hose and 35 feet of copper coil
from a pot of boiling water in the kitchen above. I have improved the
siphon process (luckily on a trial run with no real batch at stake)
and gave my wife a good belly laugh all at the same time. Up until that
my only experience of siphoning was from gas tanks and from primary and
secondary fermentation vessels with a meek 4 or 5 feet of hose. The
key with these larger scale siphoning jobs is to ensure that the hose
has no air pockets of significant size. I would have not relaxed, and worried
plenty had this been a full production batch.

Frank Dobner

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