From the HBD Archive
From: (Norm Pyle)
Subject: Re: Wyeast Belgian revisited
Date: 1992-06-04 14:06:52 GMT

This thread brings up a valid point about problem solving via the hbd.
Problems can often be attributed to technique, but also to bad luck. A good
technique may work well for years before a particularly hearty wild yeast or
bacteria infects your brew. I say the technique is "good" because it worked
for years. Often, a single variable will change for the instance the brew
turned bad, and the brewer will blame that variable, when it may have nothing
to do with the problem.

I guess the point is that if you have a problem, try to be as scientific
about it as possible (i.e. don't jump to conclusions). If you're commenting
on someone else's problem, do the same. We don't need to run off half-cocked
(or half-crocked) yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre house.

As far as Wyeast related problems go, I'm inclined to believe slow starts are
much more of an issue than purity. Just MHO.


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