From the HBD Archive
From: BOB JONES <>
Subject: Immersion chillers and long siphons
Date: 1992-06-04 16:00:00 GMT

In response to Frank Dobner questions :

Twice this month I have heard similar concern about cleaning the inside of
an immersion cooler. After further questioning, I discovered that some brewers
wrongly think you should place the cooler in a bucket of ice water and flow
the hot work through the inside of the cooler. Listen up brewers, you immerse
the cooler IN the hot wort and run the cool city water through the INSIDE of
the cooler. That way you don't need to worry (assumming any of REALLY worry)
about cleaning the cooler. I ask the first person who was doing this if he had
a hard time connecting up to the 3/4 inch hose fiitings and he said. yeah. I
ask if he stopped to think about why there were garden hose fitting on the
cooler to start with? He had no comment, just this pie in the face look.
On you other problem, Frank, of long siphoning. Why don't you just start
the siphon close to the brew pot, through a short piece of hose. Then just
connect that hose to the long hose that leads to the basement or wherever.
Gravity will do the rest of the work for you. Also you should be cooling with
your immersion cooler in your brew pot BEFORE you transfer to your fermentation
vessel to avoid hot side aereation problems.

Milwaukee dreamin,

Bob Jones

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