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From: barstow@suneast.East.Sun.COM (Tom Barstow - Sun BOS Software)
Subject: Stuck lager
Date: 1992-06-04 17:26:53 GMT

I brewed two batches of honey-ginger lager back in late
February (see recipe at end), the only difference being
the type of yeast used. Wyeast #2007 (Pilsener) is in one;
Whitbread Lager Yeast is in the other. The two-stage
fermentations seemed to proceed normally, although the colors
differed substantially until recently.

I decided to bottle last night and found that the Whitbread-
based batch seems to be stuck at 1.019 whereas the Wyeast
batch was down to 1.008. I went ahead and bottled the Wyeast
batch and boiled 2 tablespoons of yeast energizer with a cup
of water and dumped that into the Whitbread batch to see if
I could get the fermentation started again. Nothing as of this
morning, however.

So what do I do if it is stuck? Electro-shock? Threats?
Therapy? It's too sweet to drink (and presumably wouldn`t
carbonate, either). Please send replies to me directly at
since I'm not currently getting the digest itself.



3.5# M&F light DME
2.5# clover honey
2t yeast energizer
2.5 oz ginger root, grated
1.5 oz Cascades hops (65 min.)
0.5 oz Cascades hops (3 min.)

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