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From: (John Hartman)
Subject: Bad News for Keggers, Foxx goes retail
Date: 1992-06-04 18:40:09 GMT

I just placed an order with the good people at Foxx Equipment
Co., 1-800-525-2484. I was informed that since I last dealt
with them, they have "gone retail". My reaction at first was,
"good", however Sally explained that in fact what this means is
that they no longer sell to homebrewers at WHOLESALE prices. It
seems too many of their retailers complained about us folks going
directly to Foxx. She also said that in the last two years sales
to homebrewers has become something of a phenomenon at Foxx. In
a sense I suppose we're victims of our own success here. Bummer.
I think most know that in the past their prices were quite good.
Sally says that most stuff is now about double. Their Homebrew Kit,
which includes 5lb CO2 tank, 5 gal SS keg, 1 valve regulator, and
all the fittings was $186. It's now $230. And no, I have no
affiliation with Foxx.

Have you heard that restaurant/pub at Wolfgang Puck's Eureka Brewery
has been shut down? They're still brewing and bottling though.
Boy, I'm just full of good news today, aren't I?


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