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Subject: mead questions
Date: 1992-06-05 14:04:49 GMT

I bought a mead kit at the recent "Beer Expo" in DC. The instructions were
almost non-existent, and questions abound:

- What kind of O.G. should I expect when adding water to 12 pounds of
to make 5 gallons?

- Is my 7 gallon plastic brew-bucket OK for a primary, or should I
to clean out one of my old carboys?

- The kit came with Red Star champagne yeast. Can I do better? Should I?
Where will the S.G. end up, and how long is it likely to take?

- How does champagne yeast behave, anyway? Should I make a starter?

- What about temperature? I don't have any facilities for lagering, but
should I attempt to keep it cool, or just let it go at room temperature?

- I was going to put it in capped champage bottles. Will this work okay?
I think I have a corker (it's sorta inherited, like the carboys), but
never used it.

- If I wanted to prime this so that it would be a sparkling mead, what
should I prime it with? and how much? 3/4 cup corn sugar? Another 1/2
of honey? Will the bottlecap keep it in the champagne bottle?

- I was also thinking of adding something for aroma; maybe a nice,
finishing hop, or something herbal. Any suggestions about what to add
when to achieve a nice effect?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Rob Winters

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