From the HBD Archive
From: cjh@diaspar.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Chip Hitchcock)
Subject: re sweet beers from delbrueckii
Date: 1992-06-05 14:29:11 GMT

wrt to comments that isolated S. delbrueckii doesn't seem to ferment
as far:
after the Red Star lager yeast tests (single-cell cultures showing that
the basic yeast is sound, suggesting the off-taste comes from
contaminants---done in Boston 2 years ago and reported a few times in
previous HBD's) one of the people involved reported other culturing tests
that had found (as this one had) that freshly-cultured yeast generally
seems less attenuative than yeast that's been through at least one batch of
beer. Have any of the people who cultured SdelB tried repitching? If so,
did you get the same results?

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