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From: "st. stephen" <>
Subject: Re: State with most brewpubs per capita
Date: 1992-06-07 16:53:16 GMT

Not to be out-outdone:

>From: martin wilde <>
>not to be outdone:
>> As I understand, and I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong :-),
>> Vermont has the largest number of micros/brewpubs per capita:
>> Population: circa 550,000
>> Micros/Brewpubs:
>> Catamount
>> Vermont Pub & Brewery
>> Mountain Brewers (Long trail ale)
>> Otter Creek
>> 2 others in brattleboro I believe, but only counting the 4 above,
>> we get about 1 micro/brewpub per 150,000 residents.

The two in Brattleboro are Dewey's Ale house and Latches'. Latches
beer is fairly ordinary. Dewey's had shut down operations to renevate
their brewery to make it larger -- after only 6 months in business. Guess
those Vt's like to drink :^)
Anyway, that makes 6 brewpubs that I *know* are in Vt, which works out
to 1 per 91,600 residents. Which beats :

>Oregon ---
[list of brewpubs deleted]
>here maybe 2 others I believe, but only counting the 22 above,
>we get about 1 micro/brewpub per 147,000 residents...

>If you just look at Portland metro area alone:
> 15 Micros/BrewPubs/1.5 million people, you get 1 micro/brewpub per 100,000
> residents.

Well, if you consider just the Brattelboro area, which can't have more than
20,000 people, with 2 brewpubs, you get 1 per 10,000 residents!
Not that it's a contest or anything :^)


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