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From: Jacob Galley <>
Subject: Mead recipe
Date: 1992-06-07 22:09:40 GMT

I'm so happy with my second mead (already!) I thought I'd tell you-all
about it.

2ND MEAD (5 gallons)

7 lbs clover honey (60 min boil)
5 lbs orange blossom honey (60)
1 lb chopped raisins (dark) (30)
1 tsp thyme (30)
1 pak Red Star champagne yeast
0 yeast nutrient

I don't have my notes with me, but I whipped this up in late February.
I have yet to rally up enough wine bottles to bottle it all. However,
I did bottle one gallon two weeks ago, priming with half a cup of
Welch's 100% grape juice (one additive: ascorbic acid <-- any
comments?). I was entertaining last night, and it was so good we
opened and finished two bottles. None of my guests had ever tried mead
before, and they weren't just being friendly (not even the one who
doesn't like wine).

This stuff smells incredible -- slightly orange, slightly fruity, very
much like flowers. The grape juice had not fermented out completely
(it's not explosive, yet), but neither was it noticeably sweet. The
grape masks whatever young-taste the mead still has in it (not much).
After two weeks it was lightly carbonated and a very clear pink.

As my first batch of mead (a clovey metheglin) is only about seven
months old and not very tasty, I don't have any experience with
mature mead yet. Actually, the first one used to taste better, before
most of the non-clove flavors aged away. I'm now somewhat skeptic of
the theory that you have to age mead a full year. Does anyone else
have anything to say about this?


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