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Subject: Recent Steam Beer Clone & McEwan's Scotch Ale
Date: 1992-06-08 14:28:16 GMT

I recently made a steam beer clone using a 'Reasonable recipe' (Extract)

i used a 2 stage fermentation the first stage lasted about 3-4 days and

due to the long bottling process i let the second stage go almost 3 weeks

i use the 90 second airlock test instead of S.G. it was up to about 120 sec.

between 'blurps' when i bottled. I used 1 cup of DME in boiling water (cooled)

for the PRIME (5 gal). This stuff has been bottled and stored at 65-68 deg.

for about 3 weeks now it is starting to show visible fermentation but little

or no head. The taste is wonderful.

The question ...... how is head related to Carbonation ( ^^^ replace Carbonation).

The second topic...

McEwan's Scotch Ale - I only got one reply on my post ....

Has no one tasted this stuff ???

This beer has little or no head is this related to my other problem ???

I want to 'Clone' this stuff but I don't want a Steam Beer with no head !!

will my steam beer become more carbonated the longer I leave it.

Should I raise the temperature ??? Lower ?? Relax And have another ?

-John Yoost Brewer/Programmer

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