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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: no recycle
Date: 1992-06-08 14:38:24 GMT

I brewed a batch this past weekend, using Micah's advice to not
recirculate the first runnings of the sparge. The sparge did run clear
after a couple of gallons. There was more break material than a similar
batch done the weekend before, in which I did recycle the runnings, but
not as much as I expected (although seeing a whole uncracked grain in the
trub was a new experience). I'd estimate the no-recycle batch had twice
the trub of the recycle batch, but the recycle one had very little trub
to begin with. The NR batch seemed clearer going into the carboy, but
was still very cloudy. It should be fermented out this week. The R batch
is already kegged, and is still cloudy. The NR batch won't be touched until
the end of next week.

I'm trying to keep the technique for the two batches as close as possible,
with the exception of the recycling, but they're not exact copies, so nothing
could come of this. I'll get back to this thread in a couple of weeks with
all the gory details.

FWIW, I heard that Dewey's in Brattleboro, VT temporarily closed down
because of infection problems, not to increase the brewery size.


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