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From: "DRCV06::GRAHAM" <>
Subject: Keg pressure release valve question.
Date: 1992-06-08 17:29:00 GMT

Ah, struck it rich, keggingwise, that is. A friend owns a root beer
concession truck and is giving me a good used regulator, tank and hoses,
not to mention kegs. He just brought over two Coke pin lock kegs. I'm
gonng have to replace the O rings, of course, don't like root beer flavored
beer, but I have a question.

I've never had my hands on a soda keg before. There are two connections,
as I would expect. In the center of those valves, is an area that I can
press on and the pressure is releaved, or I get squirted with old root
beer, depending on which one. There is a bail-like handle to release the
top. Is there supposed to be a separate pressure relief valce, something
other than the centers of the two and three pin valves? Is it supposed to
be in the lid? Have I gotton very old kegs that I shouldn't use? Can I
get replacement lids with valves, or am I on the wrong track completely.
I'm doing this blind, so to speak, 'cause I'm really blind and got tired of
bottling and spilling. Let's hear it for kegs, assuming I can get these to

Now, if I've gotton the wrong kind of kegs, let me down easy like, huh?

Dan Graham

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