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Subject: Question on V/M/Okt. for Dr. Fix
Date: 1992-06-09 15:31:27 GMT

I have been enjoying reading Vienna/Maerzen/Oktoberfest. Having lived
in Southern Germany for 1.5 years, I learned to appreciate the infinity
of variations of southern German lagers, including the festbiers.
I have attempted this style at home with good results, but I have
much to learn. Particularly in the area of fermentation, packaging,
and lagering I have a distance to go. In reading the book, I was
intrigued by your mention of the use of Cornelius kegs to lager the
beer. I too have used Cornelius kegs for lagering recently. Having
made my own refrigerator controller, I can maintain +/- 2 deg F quite
easily. In the book, you do not mention the use of priming sugar.
Did you in fact use a priming method, and if so what? Is it possible
to charge the keg with CO2 periodically during the lagering stage
and obtain a good carbonation or is it necessary to prime the beer
first? I have never tried not priming and would be delighted to see
whether this step can be skipped in order to preserve the clarity
and quality of the beer which has completed secondary fermentation.

I posted here so that your comments might be of assistance to others
on the hbd. Thanks.


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