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Subject: Fruit Flavored Beers
Date: 1992-06-09 16:49:33 GMT

I recently tasted two fruit flavored beers, Rasberry Ale and Blueberry Ale,
at the Boston Beer Works, not to be confused with the Boston Beer Company, and
found them to be quite good , a hint of fruit flavor without sweetness. My
friend Elise remarked "why can't you brew something like that?"
Hence this posting:
I would be intersted in recipes but more importantly process.
Must I use fresh fruit?
How much for a 5 gallon batch?
I have noticed that some wine/beer shops sell "fruit flavor" and "fruit
concentrtate" can I use these?
How much for a 5 gallon batch?
When do you add the fruit, flavor or concentrate ?

Color is not that important the ales at BBW were light golden colored.

I will post a compilation of responses.

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