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From: (Tim P McNerney)
Subject: Evil water jugs.
Date: 1992-06-09 22:12:20 GMT

I have had a number of replies to my posting yesterday warning of the
danger of using the plastic water jugs for fermentation. I had heard
these also (which is why I asked about it), but I haven't received
any information more specific than that it was bad.

Does anyone know what these jugs are made of?

Any specific references to articles/warnings against using them?

I've seen similar containers which contain orange juice, which
would lead me to believe that it isn't the pH of the beer that
is bad. I would guess then that the alcohol could act as a solvent
which could cause problems. But one would expect that only innocuous
additives to the resin would be allowed if it were used in any type
a food packaging.

If anyone can shed some light on the subject, it would be greatly


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