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From: gkushmer@Jade.Tufts.EDU
Subject: Mildew
Date: 1992-06-10 12:26:45 GMT

Hello everyone, I've a question on airborne nasties:

Starting next week, I'm moving into another house. This house has a
basement that stays cool all through the summer (or so I've been told
by the current occupants) so that I can make ale without needing to
worry about heat.

BUT (there's always a hitch) the basement floods on occassion meaning that
it can be very humid. Because of that, there is an ongoing battle against
mildew and mold.

My question is - how safe would it be to put a carboy in the basement
with an airlock? My initial impression is that the carboy with an airlock
would be a sealed environment. However, the mildew and mold spores are
everywhere. When I go to bottle/keg or generally open the carboy for
readings, don't I risk airborne contamination?

Advice/suggestions will be most appreciated!

- --gk


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