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From: "Roger Deschner " <U52983@UICVM.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Evil water jugs; supplies in Boston area
Date: 1992-06-10 14:25:00 GMT

The plastic water jugs are made of PETE, a modern polymer. The problem is
not that the beer can do ANYTHING to it - in fact, PETE plastic was
designed to resist almost anything you could put into it. The problem is
that, in the cleaning process, there will always be microscopic
scratches, which will harbor miniscule residues of wort and bacteria, and
which can easily infect your SECOND batch made in the jug. The same
problem can affect any plastic equipment, especially the plastic tubs
(made of softer HDPE plastic) which are common in homebrew starter kits.
This is also a reason to periodically replace your plastic hoses. Glass
does not scratch like plastic, and is therefore more easily sanitized.
You'll just have to put up with its weight, cost, and the possibility of
breakage, but these are manageable issues.

In the Boston area, I recommend THE MODERN BREWER in Cambridge. Phone
number is 1-800-SEND-ALE. (catchy, eh?) Even though I'm in Chicago, I buy
from them by mail order.

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