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From: steve porter <PORTERSC@MAX.CC.UREGINA.CA>
Subject: berries and chlorine
Date: 1992-06-10 15:59:52 GMT

Good'day fellow brewers;
I have been brewing beer for over a year now and have finally decided
to get a bit more adventursome. In some of the Beer guides that I've
read there is mention of adding fruit to beer, especially the likes of
raspberries, blueberries (here in the great white north we have another
berry called saskatoons, very much like a blueberry but tarter), straw-
berries, chokecherries etc. So I would ask that anyone having recipes or
knowledge of such a method of beer making to send me some information.
I will submit a compilation of info and recipes. As I sometimes do not
have time to read every issue of HBD personal messages would be appreciated
at bitnet: portersc@uregina1
Another question that has had me wondering for some time is sterilization
at present I am using the Hydrogen Metabisulphite recommended by the local
brewstore. However, I have read of using simple bleach. Has anyone out
there done this? If so what strengths of bleach! Rinse after!! I read
the discussion a few digests ago on the diff between sterilized and sanitized
but I don't believe I saw any mention of the use of bleach. Let me know if
I'm wrong. Again please send responses to my personal address.
Thanx, Steve
Bitnet: portersc@uregina1

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