From the HBD Archive
From: Sean J. Caron <>
Subject: dry hopping rates
Date: 1992-06-10 21:12:47 GMT

Ok, you dry-hoppers (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE):

I'm bitting the dry-hop bullet. Sign me up, i want that awesome dry-hopped
aroma. I ordered the ingredients for my latest batch and ordered a package
of Hersbrucker compressed hop plugs. I brewed up my batch last night as

6lb Laaglander extra-pale DME
1lb corn sugar
.5oz fuggles pellets a=4.0 (begging of boil)
.5oz Willemette leaf a=4.2 ( @ 20 minutes)
.5oz " " " ( @ 40 minutes)
#1056 - American Ale

OG = 1.060

The boil was a full 6 gallons (in my shiny new 10gal ss brewkettle! ;-),
yeilding 5 gallons after the boil. It's merrily fermenting away in the
primary now.

So how much of the Hersbrucker (a = 2.6) do i throw in the secondary? Is
there some rule-of-thumb for amount of malt (SG?), amount of bittering hops,
and amount and/or alpha of the dryhop being used? Or is it as simple as
just throw in 1oz at transfer to secondary?


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