From the HBD Archive
From: (Norm Pyle)
Subject: Re: dry hopping rates
Date: 1992-06-11 15:19:19 GMT

Sean J. Caron <> writes:

>So how much of the Hersbrucker (a = 2.6) do i throw in the secondary? Is
>there some rule-of-thumb for amount of malt (SG?), amount of bittering hops,
>and amount and/or alpha of the dryhop being used? Or is it as simple as
>just throw in 1oz at transfer to secondary?

Sean, I don't have any rules of thumb based on SG etc., but I will say 1 oz.
will overpower any brew I can think of. Half that amount has proven to be on
the verge of "too much" for me in a few different brews (and I love hops!).
I'd start with about 1/3 oz. for full hop aroma. Just MHO.


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