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From: (Donald P Perley)
Subject: propane questions & esters from low lipids
Date: 1992-06-11 19:34:39 GMT

>heat the sparge water. My burner supplier (Solarflo) states a maximum input
>fuel rate of one gallon per hour. This is supposedly regulated by a 10" water
>column pressure regulator (the manufacturer claimed this was about .5 psi).
>I have seen (and own) a backyard BBQ with a regulator rated at 11" water
>column pressure. I assume these are not compatable, comments. Also of

11 inches is close enough.

>concern is the ability of the regulator and couplings to supply 1 gal of
>propane per hour without freezing up. I am trying to gather information
>on regulators and flo rates so I build the optimum setup. Any info is

1 gallon of propane = about 92,000 btu, I believe. When my regulator for
the house froze up I temporarily substituted the one from a barbecue. The
BBQ is 40,000 btu, and the regulator worked ok with the 60K drier, or the
range, but the flames started getting lower if I tried both. From that I
would guess that you won't be running full pressure with a barbecue regulator.
Of course, yours could be more overbuilt than the one I used.

-don perley

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