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From: John Fitzgerald <johnf@ccgate.SanDiegoCA.NCR.COM>
Subject: soda kegs in HBD#898
Date: 1992-06-11 22:44:00 GMT

In HBD#898 Dan Graham asked some questions about using soda kegs without
pressure release valves. [I would have responded to you directly Dan, but
your email address is pretty ugly :) and I'm sure my mail program wouldn't be
able to digest it.]

Two fellow homebrewers and I have been using soda kegs with and without the
separate release valves that you are looking for. Don't worry, you don't have
the wrong kinda of kegs! The difference is in the lids, and lids with release
valves are available (our homebrew shop sells them, but they are pricy, about
$18-19 just for a new lid!). We use both kinds of lids (acutally 3 kinds, one
has what looks like a one-time pressure valve that would only open if the
presure got too high, and then probably need replacing) interchangably,
without much preference. We always figured that the kegs are rated to
withstand 130 psi, and our beer is not primed to come anywhere close to that.
If we are ever concerned about the internal pressure getting to high, the
little valve in the top of the 2-pin stem always works to release a little CO2
(unless the keg is very very full). Note, it's the 3 pin stem that ususally
goes to the feeder tube for the liquid, and thus results in the showers of

I hope this helps.

John Fitzgerald

BTW, the kegs also make great mini grain silos! We buy grain in bulk, and
store it in a keg, pressurized with CO2. So far it seems to keep pretty well.

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