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From: (dave ballard)
Subject: hopeless hops
Date: 1992-06-12 12:34:00 GMT

hey now- did anyone else get hop rhizomes from matucheski farms in
wi this year? a friend and i ordered a bunch at the end of march
and received them at the end of april. there was a problem with
the weather in wi at the time so their harvest was late. anyway,
we've had these things in the ground for like six weeks now and
have seen no signs of life. i even dug one up yesterday to see
what was going on and the rhizome looked the same as it did when
i planted it!

now this really bums me out. all i wanted out of life was to be able
to sit on the patio next to my hop garden, slurp homebrew, and listen
to dead tapes. i'm easy to please. i've got the brew and the tapes
but no hops. my friend has had the same results (or lack thereof).
so what is it? is it da hops? is it da good piscataway soil? is it
da shoes?

i never saw a rhizome before these arrived, so i don't know how thick
they're supposed to be. the ones we got were _really_ skinny, like
much thinner than my pinky. were they anemic or something? if anyone
has had problems with hops from this place, lemme know...


dave ballard "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance."

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