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From: (donald oconnor)
Subject: hop tea vs dry hopping
Date: 1992-06-12 13:23:05 GMT

Several hdb'ers have commented on the great hop aroma and flavor they get
from dry hopping. the method that lynne and I use most often is to
make a hop tea at bottling. The results seem very similar to dry-hopped
beers of our friends. I think hop teas are a little trickier but
perhaps give the brewer a little more control over the amount of
flavor vs aroma. Our experimental approach has led us to conclude that
there are several important variables in hop teas.
1. steep time 6-8 minutes seems to be best. too long and you
lose the aroma; too short and you don't get much of anything.

2. amount of water. 1/2 gallon seems to be about the minimum. too
little water prevents the components from dissolving.

3. obviously, the amount of hops. we use 1/2 to 2 ounces. i usually
suggest 2 oz as a place to start with either hallertau or cascade because
you will have no doubt about your success. then step down to suit your

Does anyone know of commericial breweries that use dry-hopping? my
recollection is that Sam Adams and Liberty Ale dry-hopped. any others?
In the video the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson tours an English brewery
(whose name escapes me) and they effectively use a hop tea. The
hot wort is poured over hops on the way into the chiller. Seems like the
same idea as a hop tea. I think I recently read that Sierra Nevada does
this as well. Is that true?

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