From the HBD Archive
From: "John Cotterill" <>
Subject: Yeast Growth, Krauesen
Date: 1992-06-12 17:27:48 GMT

Thanks to all who have responded to my questions regarding yeast growth in
starters (etc). I had a pretty good idea of the growth process that yeast
undergoes during the brewing process. However, the difficulty I am having
is determining when (or how to tell) a particular phase is occuring.
Specifically, how can you tell when 'high' krauesen occurs in the yeast
starter. As I watch my starters progress, its kind of like watching grass
grow (or a golf game on TV). Not a whole lot happens. In fact, it is
difficult to really see anything going on. I definitely don't get any foam
cap on top of the base starter. At most its a few floating bubbles. All
the information that I have come across suggests that it is 'very' obvious
that high krauesen is occuring by the large amount of foam on top. This is
true in my batch of brew, but I have never seen anything remotely close to
'a lot' of foam on top of my starter. I just usually pitch after 1-2 days
of starting. So whats the deal? Does anyone out there get a good head
in a 12oz starter. Not worrying, just curious (and feeling a bit insecure).

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