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From: Robin Garr <>
Date: 1992-06-13 21:09:20 GMT


(This is the transcript of CompuServe Beer Forum's live online report from
the American Homebrewers Association's annual National Awards presentation at
Marc Plaza Hotel in Milwaukee on June 12, 1992. Beer Forum Associate Sysop
Robin Garr was on hand for the presentation, reporting "gavel-to-gavel"
coverage in the Beer Forum's Conference Room 5 (The Brewery) using a portable
computer set up alongside the dais.)

<Transcript begins>

Charlie Papazian has JUST walked up front. He's wearing a tux! and a...
tall silk hat like Abraham Lincoln!
OK! We're under way here, gang.
Charlie has just asked if we're relaxed, not worrying and having a...
homebrew. The crowd is pleased.
Charlie is going through some routine announcements, and the crowd...
is getting a little unruly.
Charlie called up Jeff Mandel, of the AHA, and is giving him a round...
of applause for all his work ... he's driven 2,000 miles around the...
Upper Midwest this week, collecting all the FREE BEER for the...
convention. The crowd, of course, is giving Jeff a ***Standing...
Now they are chanting, MORE BEER! MORE BEER! MORE BEER!
Charlie is now recognizing Karen Barela of the AHA. "I want to make...
sure everyone knows, Karen is the one who's responsible for...
everything that has happened here during the past four or five days...
and including tomorrow. Karen, I want to give you a hug." <he does so>
The crowd likes it. :-)
Charlie is now making an announcement about tomorrow's Just Brew It...
festival in Milwaukee's Old Heidelburg Park, 11-5. Shuttle buses...
from the hotel, etc.
More announcements: AHA's new Competition Committee meeting tomorrow...
Charlie: "If you haven't had enough beer by the time this is over,...
there are three Hospitality Suites tonight." <cheers> He announces...
their locations.
There is a LOT of homebrew around here, folks.
Continuing, Charlie makes more announcements. A wort chiller is...
being raffled off tonight. It goes to the person who has a STAR on...
their menu. Some guy in the back yells, "Yeah!"
Now everyone's applauding Michael Matuchev <sp?>, who made the...
special conference beers, served with dinner: Two raspberry...
lambics, one called "Wild Rose," one called "Dirty Rose." More...
All these announcements are preliminary to the awards. We're...
coming up on them in just a couple of minutes.
Charlie is explaining to the group right now that we're on...
conference. (Jeff Frane, looking over my shoulder, says "hi"...
to the online participants.)
And now.... Charlie is speaking:
"Without any further delay, Mr. Hombrew Competition himself, Dave...
Dave, competition director for the past five years, is coming up to...
the front now. The awards ceremony is under way.
(Russ W. just walked up and said howdy to the gang online.)
Dave is taking the mike and shuffling his notes. This is Dave:
Welcome, everyone! I'd like to start off with Karen, who gave me...
some statistics at lunch. Anyone want to hear em?
<mumbles from the audience>
I think they're really interesting. (This is Dave talking)
There were 2,400 entries, double last year.
56 from Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden and the Virgin Islands,...
most of them from Canada.
California had the largest number of entries, 636 -- one-fourth the...
total. <hisses from the audience>
Colorado was next with 200. <cheers>
Dave: I know you guys. Bunch of drunks.
Illinois was next with 140. Then Wisconsin with 133.
One of the things we've enjoyed here is how friendly everyone from...
Wisconsin has been. Thank you very much.
Every subcategory had entries, even the dry beer this year; none...
last year, had four entries this year. <hisses>
901 different brewers were responsible for the 2400 entries, an...
average of 2.6 per brewer. One brewer entered 27 beers: Ron Page,...
from Connecticut.
First round, we had 150 judges in 26, three-hour judging sessions,...
around 12,000 judging hours.
As far as receiving, unpacking, sorting, registering, that consumed...
about 920 hours and distributed through the four different sites.
Total number of hours related to the judging, over 13,000, or about...
5 12 hours per beer.
The crowd is getting a little tired of this, starting to rumble.
Dave is naming all the best-of-show judges.
Now, I'd like to get into the actual winners!


Barleywine, Harry Clayton, Seymour, Conn.
Belgium-Style, David Suda, Boulder, Colo.
Brown Ale, Ron Page, Middletown, Conn.
English-style Pale Ale, Rick W. Guthrie, Livermore, Calif.
American-style Pale Ale, Steven and Christina Daniel, League City, Texas.
English and Scottish Bitter, Alex Puchner, Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Porter, John Arends, Calistoga, Calif.
English and Scottish Strong Ale, Don Gosselin, Winthrop, Mass.
Stout, Paul Hale, East Northport, N.Y.
Bock, Brian and Linda North, Franklin, Wis.
American Dark, Christopher Hansen, San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Dortmund Export, Bill Murphy, Brookline, Mass.
Munich Helles, Chris Harding, Ketchum, Idaho.
Classic Pilsener, Richard Rosen, Andover, Conn.
American Light Lager, Jim Lopes, Fresno, Calif.
Vienna/Okfest/Maerzen, Tom O'Connor, Rockport, Maine.
German-style Ale, Donald Weaver, New Freedom, Pa.
Fruit Beer, Thom & Diane Tomlinson, Boulder, Colo.
Herb Beer, Ron Page, Middletown, Conn.
Specialty Beer, Neil Gudmestad and Ray Taylor!!!!! of Fargo, N.D.!!!!
Yeeah! (Ray and friends are online from Fargo.)
Smoked, Tom Altenbach, Tracy, Calif.
California Common, Larry Fergison, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Wheat Beer, Harry Clayton, Seymour, Conn.
Traditional Mead, Micah Millspaw, Oakdale, Calif.
Melomel/Cyser/Metheglin, Walter Dobrowney, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cider, Robert Gorman, Waltham, Mass.
Sake, Fred Eckhardt, Portland, Ore.


Barleywine, Rob Brunner, Windsor, Colo.
Belgium-style, Rick Larson and Paddy Giffen, Sebastapol, Calif.
Brown Ale, Charlie Milan, Baton Rouge, La.
English-style Pale Ale, Robert Drousth, Madison, Wis.
American-style Pale Ale, Michael Chronister, Norristown, Pa.
English and Scottish Bitter, Ross Hastings, Edmonton, Alta., Canada
Porter, Jack Spence, Alexandria, Va.
English and Scottish strong ale, Dale James, Fresno, Calif.
Stout, Randy Gremp, Calistoga, Calif.
Bock, Vern & Darlene Wolff, Esparto, Calif.
Bavarian Dark, Steven and Christina Daniel, League City, Texas
American Dark, Steven and Christina Daniel, League City, Texas
Dortmund Export, Greg Walz, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Munich Helles, Steve and Christina Daniel AGAIN.
Classic Pilsner, James Cannon, Williamsburg, Va.
American Light Lager, Steve and Christina Daniel
Vienna/Okfest/Maerzen, Ray and Maureen Taylor, Fargo, N.D.
German-style ale, David Rose, Yountville, Calif.
Fruit Beer, Daniel Jodoin, Livonia, Mich.
Herb Beer, Wayne Greenway, Oakland, Calif.
Specialty Beer, Rob Lillard, Lyons, Colo.
Smoked, David Woodruff, Sebastopol, Calif.
California Common, Rob Reed, Kokomo, Ind.
Wheat Beer, Rick Larson, Sebastopol, Calif.
Traditional Mead, Mark Quade, Port Aransas, Texas
Melomel/Cyser/Metheglin, Dave Resch, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Cider, Steve Mclaughlin, Orwell, N.Y.
Sake, Jim Long, Sacramento, Calif.

And NOW!


Barleywine, Greg Leas, St.Charles, Mo.
Belgium-style, Mark Richmond, Springfield, Ohio.
Brown Ale, Randy Gremp, Calistoga, Calif.
English-style Pale Ale, Kevin Johnson, Pacifica, Calif.
American-style Pale Ale, Bill Draths, Chicago, Ill.
English and Scottish Bitter, John Arends, Calistoga, Calif.
Porter, Dennis Kinvig, Toronto
English and Scottish Strong Ale, Jim Campbell, San Jose, Calif.
Stout, Dick Van Dyke, Park Forest, Ill.
Bock, Steve Dempsey, Fort Collins, Colo.
Bavarian Dark, Stu Tallman, Rochester, Mass.
American Dark, Craig Beifus, Milford, N.J.
Dortmund Export, Norman Dickenson, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Munich Helles, Brian and Linda North, Franklin, Wis.
Classic Pilsner, Patrick Drigans, Buffalo, Minn.
American Light Lager, Steven & Christina Daniel, League City, Texas
Vienna/Okfest/Maerzen, Keith Weerts, Windsor, Calif.
German-style ale, Tom Young, Loyaltor, Calif.
Fruit Beer, Dan Robison, Salt Lake City.
Herb Beer, Eric McClary, Carson City, Nev.
Specialty Beer, Bob Barson, Chicago, Ill.
Smoked, James Cannon, Williamsburg, Va.
California Common, Phil Rahn, Cordova, Tenn.
Wheat Beer, Eric Warner, Lafayette, Colo.
Traditional Mead, Byron Burch, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Melomel/Cyser/Metheglin, Vern & Darlene Wolff, Esparto, Calif.
Cider, Charles Castellow, Edmonds,Wash.
Sake, Tina Long, Sacramento, Calif.

(Suddenly, scores of people in the ballroom strap on Charlie Papazian masks!
This is really weird! A looney figure in in white mental-hospital garb and...
a fright wig has just rushed on stage, yelling, "I need a beer! FREE...
Charlie is nowhere to be seen.
More Papazian masks are breaking out all over the room.
They hustle in a gigantic beer keg ... and out pops the REAL...
Charlie, wearing a velvet cape and pouring himself a homebrew.
This is real, stone strange, folks. ;-)
All of this, of course, is aimed at building up the tension before...
they announce the Best of Show winners.


Charlie now takes the podium, and they break away to announce the...
nation's top homebrew clubs, based on competition points, before...
naming the best-of-show winners.
Here's Charlie:
"Over 25 clubs entered this year's competition as a club to gather...
points for the coveted trophy sponsored by De Falco's of Texas."
Charlie will announce the top 10 clubs, based on judging points,...
starting with 10. To put us on the edge of our seats, he says, the...
top two were separated by ONE point.
Starting in tenth place, the Brewers of South Suburbia, Brewtown...
Brewmasters and Ithaca Brewers Union, all with four points.
Then, the Gold Country Brewers Assn Calif, and Underground Brewers of...
Connecticut, tied with 5 points.
With 6 points, Washoe Zymurgists.
With 7 points, San Andreas Malts -- they're No. 4.
In third place, with 8 points, Hop Barley and the Alers, Boulder,...
And in second place, with 25 points, The Boston Wort Processors
In first place, with 26 points, for the sixth or seventh year in a...
row, the Sonoma Beerocrats (Calif.) <cheers, mixed with a few boos>
Byron Burch comes up to receive the award.
It's a silver cup, big enough to hold a jug-o-wine.
No hisses now, just a big round of applause.


Now, Charlie presents the the major awards.
"Dave, do you have an envelope for me?"

SAKE MAKER OF THE YEAR: from Sacramento Calif., Tina Long.
CIDER MAKER OF THE YEAR: from Edmonds, Wash., Charles Castellow.
MEAD MAKER OF THE YEAR: (Sparkling Traditional Mead), from Santa...
Rosa, Calif., Byron Burch.
Byron sez: "Charlie tried to get me interested in mead several...
years ago. I wasn't interested at that point. He was right. I was...
This year, Charlie says, "We have a new award, the NINKASI AWARD...
(named for the ancient Sumerian goddess of brewing). In addition to...
the Best of Show, for homebrewer of the year, the Ninkasi Award goes...
to the person who won the most ribbons in this competition, based on...
three points for a first, two for second, one for third. With 14...
points, it's Steven and Christina Daniel.

Charlie: Well, there were 2,400 beers, and this is what it all boils...
down to: Best of Show, sponsored by Munton & Fison. The judges...
really had a hard time picking 'em, more than ever.
This year's award goes again, second year in a row, to the dunkel...
category, Bavarian Dark, Munich Dunkel.
Stu's Brew, the Boston Wort Processors, Stu Tallman, the 1992...

This concludes the presentation, the first LIVE Beer Forum conference
coverage from the AHA Nationals. Thanks to all who attended the online

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