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Subject: sediment in wine
Date: 1992-06-15 15:33:16 GMT

To any of you wine makers out there:

After learing how easy and fun it is to make beer, my wife said "now if you
could only make wine too...". This past summer I fermented 10 g of grape juice
following directions from friends, books, and tips from a "quick" wine kit.
Everything went smoothly. I bottled the white wine in December so that I could
use my caraboys again for some beer. The wine seemed clear, so I did not use
any finnings before botteling. Now I have sediment on the corks (bottles stored
upside down) so when the wine is poured into glasses, the otherwise clear wine
is degraded (at least visually, maybe in taste). The wine tastes great
straight out of the bottle, but we want to serve it to friends and would like
to have it clear.

My question is what should I do with about 40 bottles of wine that all have
some sediment on the corks? I tried filtering some thru coffee filters
which removed the particles, but the wine seemed to oxidize badly. Any ideas???

Thanks in advance!

Karl Sweitzer

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