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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: Yeast Growth, AHA Conference
Date: 1992-06-16 04:09:00 GMT

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Fm: Jack Schmidling

>From: "John Cotterill" <>
Subject: Yeast Growth, Krauesen

> Does anyone out there get a good head in a 12oz starter. Not worrying,
just curious (and feeling a bit insecure).

Not sure what you are starting in what but.....

After 24 hours, I get a ring of bubbles around a half inch of wort in a slant

This gets poured into 50 ml wort and 24 hours later will foam when agitated.

This gets poured into 200 ml wort which will foam up just like fermenting
beer within 24 hours.

If I have the time and motivation, this I pitch into 500 ml wort and it
foams away in 24 hours.

I guess the bottom line is, it takes four days to do it right.

I would like to express my good will and warm feelings to all the great
people I met at the AHA conference in Milwaukee last week. I even extend
that to the HBD celebrity who refused to shake my hand or taste the "World's
Greatest Beer". After composing my flaming expose' of the twit I decided to
give it one more try and flatter myself in thinking that I must still be the
world's greatest salesman. Finally, with great condecension, he tasted the
"World's Greatest Beer" and couldn't find anything wrong with it.


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