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From: (martin wilde)
Subject: Re: Aeration with aquarium pump
Date: 1992-06-16 15:43:59 GMT


> Alberta Rager will have an article in the Conference Transcripts
> on aeration -- she suggests using a bubbler stone, an aquarium pump
> and a 2micron inline filter for aeration, but I would leave this
> improvement for later.

Well I tried using a 1 micron inline filter with an aquarium pump placed
in my wort and the pump produced so much air that my wort bubbled out
of the carboy!!! I don't know if the bubbler stone (which produces fine
bubbles compared to just the end of the 1/8" tubing) doesn't have this
problem or are they using a 15 gallon fermenter with 5 gallons of
wort in it...

Anyone who saw the demonstration at the Conference or know how to get around
the problem care to comment??

By the way, how did they sterilize the bubbler?? Put it in bleach?? All
of those little pores in the stone would be a menace to get clean it
seems like...


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