From the HBD Archive
From: Chris Goedde <>
Subject: Questions from a novice
Date: 1992-06-16 17:32:08 GMT

Hi. I'm a novice brewer (just racked my second batch to the
secondary), and I have the following questions.

1) Is there a simple conversion between pounds of liquid malt
extract and pounds of dry malt extract?

2) I'm thinking of brewing some half batches (2.5 gallons).
Papazian gives a table for hop utilization for bittering as a
function of the gravity of the boil, and I was wondering if
there are similar adjustments for finishing hops also, or
should I just cut them by 50%?

3) That little lid that comes with your fermentation lock. Do
you attach it securely while fermenting or do you just set
it on top? Or do you throw it away? In other words, what's it
there for? I made a starter for my last batch, and it was
slightly carbonated because I had the lid to the lock on, which
didn't seem quite right.


chris goedde

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