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From: Jay Hersh <>
Subject: Nice meeting (almost) everyone
Date: 1992-06-16 18:49:57 GMT

Just wanted to say that it with one minor exception it was quite nice
to put faces to many of the names I've recognized from the net for
the last umpteen years.... Kudos to Russ Wigglesworth for his cute
little rub-ons that let everyone know you were a computer geek :-) :-)

Just about everyone was as friendly or friendlier in person and it was great
to sit down and converse at length with many of those I did meet up with,
and there were some great brewing and non-brewing tales to be told.
I say just about everyone since Mr. Exception was of course his same old
tired self-promoting self. Some people just don't get it do they??

To all who attended the Dr. Beer seminar, thanks!! Hope you enjoyed it
sorry for the minor snafu... I plan to do this again next year (with AHA
approval of course) and hope to have things run more smoothly. In all the
comments I received were very positive (if you were there and have any feedback
please forward it to me, thanks) so I expect we'll be there next year.
Another special thanks to Dr. George Fix for his assistance....


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Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts

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