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From: (Barry Cunningham)
Subject: Re: Aeration with aquarium pump
Date: 1992-06-17 12:36:27 GMT

> From: (martin wilde)
> Subject: Re: Aeration with aquarium pump
> > Alberta Rager will have an article in the Conference Transcripts
> > on aeration -- she suggests using a bubbler stone, an aquarium pump
> > and a 2micron inline filter for aeration, but I would leave this
> > improvement for later.

That's 0.2 micron by the way. It is to filter out airborne beasties,
so you need an extremely fine size.

> . . . the pump produced so much air that my wort bubbled out of the carboy!!!

Keep an eye on it and turn it off periodically to let the foam subside.

> By the way, how did they sterilize the bubbler?? Put it in bleach??

I asked her exactly that question. Just soak it in bleach.

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