From the HBD Archive
From: Sean J. Caron <>
Subject: questions asked and answered
Date: 1992-06-17 13:12:17 GMT

Morning folks.

Chris Goedde asks ...
>1) Is there a simple conversion between pounds of liquid malt
> extract and pounds of dry malt extract?

My understanding is that .8 lbs DME = 1 lbs LME, with the extra .2lbs
of LME being water content.

>3) That little lid that comes with your fermentation lock. Do
> you attach it securely while fermenting or do you just set
> it on top? Or do you throw it away? In other words, what's it
> there for? I made a starter for my last batch, and it was
> slightly carbonated because I had the lid to the lock on, which
> didn't seem quite right.

Assuming your using one of the "tripple-ripple" locks with the orange
plastic cap, the lid stays on. It is supposed to have ridges molded into
the plastic which provide room for the co2 to escape. In pratice, i've
had the same problem. Make sure the air spaces between the ridges are not
clogged, and dont jam the cap on tight, and it should work.

Chris Karras is ...
> intrigued by the plastic barrels used in
> England for kegging. They have a tap set into them and can take a carbon
> dioxide charger to protect against oxidization. Can anyone compare
> them to the soda kegs used by many homebrewers here?

I looked into these as an alternative to the expense of a full-blown
kegging system, and I was told they are fine for party-type situations,
but are very prone to leaking, making them less than suitable for any kind
of longer term storage. Anybody actually use one?

Sean Caron

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