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From: C05705DA@WUVMD.Wustl.Edu
Subject: Wyeast?
Date: 1992-06-17 15:31:13 GMT

This weekend I crossed a new boundry; I tried wyeast instead of dry yeast.
I am attempting to make triple stout. I made a starter for the yeast
with one small can of Alexander's dark extract in about 2 quarts of water
with 1/2 oz of northern brewer hops. When down, I split the what was left
after the evaperation into two wine bottles. The yeast took off. By the
time I was done with my real batch, the yeast was coming out of the air lock
of one bottle and almost out of the other. My brew consisted of specialty
malts and nine pounds of syrup and dried extracts; oddly enough, I came out
with a sg reading below what I expected. I threw in both bottles of yeast,
slapped on the air lock, and was on my marry-ol' way. I checked my 5 gal
batch the following night. Foam was coming through the lock. I took the lock
off and put in a hose to a bucket of water. Later that night when I checked
it, the lid had popped off, 6 gal plastic bucket. I put the lid back on,
went back upstairs, sat down, turned on the tv, BOOM. I put the lid back on
three times that night before I gave up for the night. It is now ferminting
activily but not blowing the lid anymore. Now, how much wyeast do you put
in for 5 gal of what should a very sugary brew?

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