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Subject: Midwest HBers Unite at Oldenberg Brewery (long)
Date: 1992-06-17 17:19:06 GMT

The 4th Annual Bloatarian Brewing League's BEER & SWEAT '92

That's right, it's Beer & Sweat time. On Saturday
evening, August 15, 1992, the festivities for
homebrewing enthusiasts begin at suites 5110 and 181 at the
Oldenberg and Drawbridge Inn Complex, I-75 and Buttermilk Pike
exit in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. (Just a few miles down the
Interstate from Cincinnati, OH)

During the day there's the amazing Oldenberg breweriana
collection, several pools, other homebrewers from at least 15
clubs (our estimate is up to 300 people) from the Midwest area,
brewery tours, good restaurants, and hot weather to enjoy. This
event is for you if you're into homebrewing or just like being
around those who are. The only guarantee is that you will sweat
and there will be beer.

Bring your favorite homebrewed beer, commercial beer, etc. to the
festivities for you and others to enjoy. The Drawbridge Inn has
donated the use of a hospitality suite 181 by the main pool.
Please keep in mind that no glass or bottles are permitted in the
pool area. No problem--just pour your homebrew into plastic cups.
There will be plenty of kegs and ice but please bring extra

So RELAX and enjoy this opportunity to meet many people from all
levels of brewing and to share in what we at the Bloatarian
Brewing League believe is the greatest time of the year.

Friday August 14

7:30 p.m.-? Those who arrive early (aka: party animals) can get
started at the Oldenberg Beer Gardens with the opportunity to
party later too.

Saturday August 15

a.m. You should be on your way or already there!

Noon Hospitality suites open (Suites 181 and 5110, Drawbridge Inn

3 p.m. Check in to your room at the Inn

3:30 p.m. Keg check-in at the hospitality suite

5-6 p.m. Meeting of the top dogs from the different clubs in
Suite 181. If you consider yourself a mover and a shaker and are
interested in making next years Beer & Sweat bigger and better,
then stop by and put in your 2 cents. We would like to have each
club represented.

5-7:30 p.m. Dinner on your own. Some groups are going to the show
at the Oldenberg Greathall. There are many fine restaurants in
the complex and nearby.

7:30 p.m. 'till midnight Beer & Sweat at the Oldenberg Drawbridge
Inn, Suite 5110. This will be the main gathering of the
homebrewers and clubs. Typical draft brews from last year
included: Ginger Lager, Super Steam, Not quite Munich, Sheldon
Macadoo Spice Ale, Pilsner, Brown Ale, and many more........ Some
of the best beers you will ever drink will be there for your
consumption. Reminder: Plastic cups are the requirement.

Sunday August 16

Crawl home with a real goodnbad feeling!

For information on rooms, call the Drawbridge Inn at
1-800-354-9793 and mention the Beer & Sweat activity in order to
get the $50/night room rate. A special THANKS to the Drawbridge
Inn and Oldenberg Complex for all their help and support.

Bloatarian Brewing League
c/o: Chuck Boyce
5119 Warren Cincinnati, OH 45212
Home: (513)531-8076
Day: (513)632-4700

For More INFO, call: Tim Thomas Ray Spangler
Home: (513)232-9783 Home:(606) 727-1956
Work: (513) 576-2467 Day: (513) 977-4734

- -------------------------------------------------------------------
The BBL's position on alcoholic consumption is summed up nicely
by Gene and Georgetti.... Homebrew is dedicated to those merry
souls of the other days.... who again will make drinking a
pleasure.... who achieve contentment long before capacity.... and
who.... whatever they may drink.... prove able.... to carry
it.... and remain gentlemen. For those of you who need the


1) Coming to this activity is entirely voluntary

2) Participation in this activity may involve consumption of
alcoholic beverage, and that this may affect my perceptions and

3) You are responsible for your conduct, behavior and actions,
and absolve the Bloatarian Brewing League, The Drawbridge Inn and
Oldenberg Complexes of responsibility for your conduct, behavior,
and actions.

4) Be sensible and responsible!

- -- andy (email at:

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