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From: Ted Manahan <>
Subject: AHA conference
Date: 1992-06-17 18:35:38 GMT

I have enjoyed reading the notes other people have written about the AHA
conference. It's always fun to have your own perceptions reinforced! In
that vein, I offer my own impressions of the conference.

This was my first AHA convention. It exceeded my expectations, which
were pretty high.

I was surprised by the tremendous amount of BEER at the conference!
What a dummy I am, you may think - that was the whole purpose of the
conference! But no, I mean really vast amounts of excellent beers, both
commercial and homebrewed. Imports and domestics. Left over bottles from
the national convention. Ales, lagers, lambics, dark, amber, light,
wheat, fruit. Pretty much every style you can think of was represented.
Let no one go thirsty! The AHA really did an excellent job getting
donations from brewers and distributors for this conference. Yes, most
or all of that beer was donated! More free beer than you could shake a
stick at.

One of the best parts of the convention was meeting many of the well
known names in our hobby. I talked at some length with Martin Lodahl and
Fred Eckart, and met Chuck Cox, Kinney Baughman, Charlie Papazian, and
Byron Burch. I also had the pleasure to talk with dozens of other
brewers. There was a tremendous atmosphere of good will with everybody I
met. Everyone was very friendly and having a great time.

The conference sessions were informative, but much of that information
can be gained by reading the conference proceedings. My favorite talks
were the session on Yeast by George Fix and the session on Brewing
Lambics by Martin Lodahl and Mike Sharp. Other good sessions were
cooking with beer, bock recipes, and ideas for running homebrew clubs.
I may try out some of these ideas on our local "Heart of the Valley
Homebrewers" club!

Club night was a blast! There were about thirty booths representing both
clubs and vendors. There were many booths from midwest clubs, as well as
booths from some of the larger clubs across the nation. Most of the club
booths had good to excellent beer for tasting. I bought a beer glass
from the San Andreas Malts, and was tempted by yeast cultures (50 cents
each) from the Boston Wort Processors. I bought a commercial yeast
culturing kit, and will offer my services to our club as a yeast bank
when I figure out how to use the thing!

I'm looking forward to next year's conference in Portland, OR. As a
"local", I feel a moral obligation to do my part in providing enough
beer for all the thirsty conference attendees!

Ted Manahan

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