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From: melkor!rick@uunet.UU.NET (Rick Larson)
Subject: Re: Cheap Kegs and related hardware
Date: 1992-06-17 16:42:02 GMT writes:
>I have tried unsuccesfully to find cheaply the few items it takes to
>complete a home kegging setup.

Our local homebrew club came up with the following prices.

1. 5gal used Cornelius $35.00
1 keg inlet connector $ 5.25
1 keg outlet connector $ 5.25
5 feet air hose $ 2.15
5 feet liquid hose $ 2.15

2. Single gauge regulator, 3-D-409 $30.00
Dual gauge regulator, 3-D-407 $36.00
1 tap faucet, 3-P-258 $ 1.90

3. 2.5 lb. CO2 tank $25.00
5 lb. CO2 tank $35.00
10 lb. CO2 tank $45.00

So for $106.70 (excluding tax) a kegging system can be owned.

1. Brew&Grow (612)780-8191
2. Superior Products (800)328-9800
3. All-Fire Test Co. (612)332-6268 (this is a Fire extinguisher
store, check the yellow pages for one similar near you).

BTW, don't bother calling Cornelius for kegs, they are wholesale only.
Try looking in the classifieds under Restaurant Equipment (or Brew&Grow).
Anyone know of other places for kegs?

Hope this helps,

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