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From: "Stephen E. Hansen" <hansen@Sierra.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Listserver now available at HBD Archive
Date: 1992-06-17 23:04:13 GMT

In HBD 878 I announced that I had copied the HBD archives from Mthvax
and had set up a new archive at Sierra.Stanford.EDU. At the time I
did not have a listserver set up for those of you without ftp access.
I have just finished setting up the listserver at Sierra so that you
can retrieve archive files via e-mail.

Please send requests to There are only
a few of the possible listserver commands enabled, i.e. help, index,
and get. If you are unfamiliar with listserv commands, you put one
or more requests in the body of the message, one per line, and the
results are mailed back to you.

For example, send

index homebrew

to get the complete listing of the Homebrew archive or send

get homebrew incoming/904

to get issue 904 of HBD.

If you have problems with the listserver send mail to


Please be patient. The listserver on Sierra is a new beast and is
not fully automated as yet and new files may not be immediately


Stephen E. Hansen - hansen@sierra.Stanford.EDU | "The church is near,
Electrical Engineering Computer Facility | but the road is icy.
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