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From: pms@Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling [Sun Consulting Services Mtn View])
Subject: Sanitation and Yest Rehydration
Date: 1989-10-03 15:56:10 GMT

I brewed up a new batch last weekend and tried the rehydration method
suggested on this BBS recently. While the water was heating I half
filled a measuring jar with warm water, added the yeast and covered the
jar with plastic wrap. The yeast acted as if I'd added it to wort
except (of course!) there was no foaming. Then after I'd boiled and
cooled the wort I pitched it. It took much longer than usual to start -
I pitched in the evening and the next moring there were no signs of
activity. I thought it might be a bad batch - visions of pouring 5gal
of wort down the toilet sprang to mind! But I gritted my teeth and
waited, and around lunch time there was a good hed of foam - phew!
Fingers crossed it wasn't some other bug that found its way into the
fermenter. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks.

On sanitation, the last 3 or 4 batches I've brewed have all become very
fizzy in the bottle. They were fine for 2-3 months but now after
opening... it's a gusher! Slight off flavour in some bottles too - the
dreaded infection I think. As I was brewing and reflecting my fate over
the weekend I realized that the earliest gushing batch coincided with
my purchase of a 'squoosher' type bottle cleaner. It's a plastic bowl
with a pump in the center, arranged so that putting a bottle upside
down over the neck of the pump and pressing it down causes a jet of
solution to squirt into the bottle. I've been using this instead of
soaking the entire bottle in solution. It would seem that it's not
enough to squoosh and drain, soaking is needed. so it's off to buy a
tub to soak in (the bottles, not me!).

Has anyone tried brewing a smoked beer? I tried a bottle recently and
really liked it. I'd be interested in how you smoked - the 'real' way
or (dare I say it) by adding liquid smoke.


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