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Subject: English Bitter
Date: 1992-06-18 13:30:21 GMT

In HBD #905 Eric Pepke gives a good overview of English Bitter. I would
like to add two things:

1) Eric Says:
> One more thing: do not use Cascade hops under any circumstances. Use
Northern > Brewer or something like that.

Also try Fuggles for bittering and Kent Goldings for Finish. Both
are excellent.

2) He also says:
>The only American beer I have ever tasted which comes anywhere near to
a real >bitter is the bitter at the Commonwealth Brewery in Boston, MA.

I cannot agree more! Since my only trip to England (darn!) I have been
on an unending quest for English style ales especially Bitters. This
quest alone started me homebrewing. Only a week after my trip to the
U.K. I had a chance to go to the Commonwelth Brewery in Boston and
tried their bitter. It is very good and the best at emulating real
English bitter that I have found in the U.S. TRY THIS BEER!

No, I'm not even lucky enough to work for them! I just like the beer.
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