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Subject: Re: Lupulophobia
Date: 1992-06-18 17:35:00 GMT

Al Marshall writes:
[some stuff deleted]
>Sadly, I think the AHA in general is dominated by this obsession with beer
style at the moment. What is worse, it is my unscientific impression that
>the majority of the styles are skewed toward maltiness (most AHA figures
>call this "balance").
>I have christened this obsession with balance to the detriment of
>hop bitterness, flavor and aroma "lupulophobia".

Beers of all styles should have a balance between sweetness and bitterness,
malt flavor and hop flavor, malt nose and hop nose. This balance is
different for each style of beer. For example, in the Munich Dunkel style,
malt dominates and in the India Pale Ale style, hop bitterness dominates.
Don't blame the AHA for the figures listed, they are a complilation of
data collected from analysis of typical beers of the style. Note that
both the gravity and IBU values in each case are a range, to account for
differences among breweries and regions.

>Anecdotally, lupulophobia
>seems to be *somewhat* more common in the Midwestern United States
>and relatively rare in the Pacific Northwest. Note the number of
>small breweries brewing lagers in the Midwest vis a vis the P. Northwest
>as support for this view. I was recently enjoying a pint of the first
>Pilsner microbrewed in Portland, and reflecting that the
>impressive hoppiness would probably not be attempted in many other
>(Sadly, I've heard that the brewer intends to "tone it down".
>Commercialism rears its ugly head even here).

Actually, historically, breweries in hop growing regions have a tendency to
brew hoppier beers. This is not surprising. It's not fair to say that
the hop rates in the Pacific Northwest are the correct ones and that the
hop rates in the Midwest are too low. There are regional differences in
beers throughout the world. Consider Brown Ales in Nothern Great Britain
and in Southern Great Britain.

>I'm looking forward to seeing HBD'ers in Portland OR next year at the
>AHA conference and subjecting you to a healthy dose of IBUs :-).
> -- R. Al Marshall

I too am looking forward to the conference, visiting Portland, OR and
getting a healthy dose of IBUs. I love hops and hoppy beers. Also, I
appreciate (and support) the regional differences in beers.


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