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Subject: FWD: American Classic DME
Date: 1992-06-18 21:37:00 GMT

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Subj: American Classic DME


Please ignore the other post, I sent an old file by mistake ...
this is what I really meant to say ...


I recently received a catalouge from American Brewmaster. They
advertise a brand of DME called "American CLassic (insert Trade
Mark thingy here)". They also make a few claims that I'd like to
run by all youse on the Digest for comment ...

It goes like this ...

...Our stuff is excellent, blah blah blah ... "and the worts are
concentrated using the most technologically advanced, high vacuum
distillation process, assuring you" blah, blah, blah ...

"... Higher quality control during the malt extraction produces a
cleaner malt. You will therefore notice a reduced trub level in
your primary fermentor and as much as a 50% reduction in sediment
in the bottle with single stage fermentation. Trub is a major
source of off-flavors in beer through the production of esters
and fusel alcohols."

There was a recent thread about Trub producing off-flavors, but I
seem to recall that it ended in a hung-Digest?

Has anybody got any theories as to what effects (and why) this
high-vac distillation will have on the body and clarity of the
finished beer? Anybody tried this stuff? It's not just American
Eagle under a different name, is it?

Send to me and I'll summarize,

Later, -Chuck-

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