From the HBD Archive
From: "Dr. John" <>
Subject: Midwest beer and a request
Date: 1992-06-19 12:19:40 GMT

Greetings all,
After reading the various reports on the AHA conference, I'm sorry
(mostly) that I was unable to attend this year. Lest the wrong impression,
that hops are unknown in the midwest, be left with too many digest
subscribers, let me suggest that all you hopheads seek out, drink, and savor
both the August Schell Pilsner, and the Capital Special. Unless the recipes
have been radically altered of late, I think you will find that both of these
fine MIDWESTERN lagers feature an adequate hop character. A noted British
beer expert has commented that Capital brews ". . . a Pilsener called Special
**->*** that has lots of hop taste . . ." A couple pages later, this same
expert notes that Schell's "products include a good, hoppy Pils*** . . ." I'm
sure that there are other hoppy beers brewed in the midwest, these just happen
to be two of my favorites, and two which should give the lie to the notion
that midwest micro-brewed lagers are generally lacking in hop character.
On another note, I'll be travelling to Baltimore in early August for the
American Agricultural Economics Association's annual meeting. So far, I've
uncovered a few possibilities for nighttime relaxation and recovery from the
days' presentations of esoteric research papers:
Baltimore Brewing Company,
Sissons/South Baltimore Brewing,
and perhaps Bertha's Mussels (reputedly serving a cask-conditioned Oxford
Ale from British Brewing Company on the weekends). I welcome private e-mail
evaluations of all, or any, of these, suggestions for other possibilities
for an enjoyable evening's beer drinking, and information on good retail
beer outlets.
Ooogy wawa,
Dr. John

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