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Subject: Wort Chillers and Kegs
Date: 1992-06-19 13:00:00 GMT

Regarding wort chillers. I'm a high school teacher and I paid (with
Brew) our district plumber to make mine. I bought 50 feet of copper
tubing @ 37$. I also bought all the fittings as decribed in Tuesday's
HBD. Two thoughts:

1) Becuase I have more tubing, mine cools a lot faster. I can get
wort from 212 to 50 degrees in 18 minutes. Thats a little faster than
what I have read.

2) I have these quick connect garden hose connections (bought from my
friend Dwight's suggestion). You hook then to the hoses and to the
chiller. Then you dont have to worry about twisting the hoses to
connect them to the chiller and to the faucet. I would get the brass
ones, they are more expensive, but i would figure more durable too.

3) You might think aobut a cvounter flow chiller. It is better in
that you chill parts of the wort to 50 degrees or whatever, and the
rest of the mass is at 200 degrees, prenting infections. However you
have to deal with filters, and sterilization etc.

On Kegs:

1) Go to a restaurant and see if they will sell them to you for a
meager price. Dwight went to a local joint and they would be happy to
part w/em for 10$/keg. You may be able to do better/worse, but its
cheaper than new ones.

Kieran O'Connor


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